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My Advocate for Health is set up as a monthly subscription fee for full access to all of the services and benefits we have to offer you for tremendous savings on your medical expenses.We require a $60 non-fundable, one-time enrollment fee. Pay this only once for the duration of your continuous membership with My Advocate for Health.


Membership Options

Individuals age 18 or older pay $59.95 per month for prescription cost assistance with either free or significantly reduced cost medications, plus the FREE Wellness Profile* valued at $500, plus all of the other great services and reduced costs included with the plan. Just by using the Wellness Profile ($500) and a minimum of $20 savings off of your monthly prescriptions (most members save more!), you more than pay for your membership with My Advocate for Health.With an Individual Membership, dependents age 21 and under can be added to the My Advocate for Health application for $10 each***. Dependents over age 21 must have an Individual Membership at $59.95 per month.

Get ready to start saving!
It’s so easy to get started!

Simply call 1-877-574-3421
and one of our advocates will help you fill out an application over the phone, or apply online and an advocate will contact you.
We will need your name, Address, Email and Phone Number for best way to reach you.

Everyone qualifies for membership to My Advocate for Health
—Your personal Advocate will assist with each individual member since prescription assistance programs have their own qualifications*.

My Advocate for Health will endeavor to seek out and find you the best savings and cost relief possible. See our Testimonials page to hear what members are saying.

mem_options_bubble Call 1-877-574-3421 to speak to a representative
for benefit and enrollment information
79Single member age 18 and older
(no child only policies)
99Additional fee*** for spouse
and dependents age 21 and under
* Must be age 18 or older to qualify for Free Wellness Profile. Services (i.e., Free Wellness Panel and discounted blood tests) are not available in Massachusetts, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.
** A one-time of $60 enrollment fee is required. We will gladly refund your membership payment if no benefits or assistance was provided within the 10-day period. The non-refundable one-time fee required for the application process will not be refunded.
*** $20 per month for spouse and additional $10 per month for each dependent age 21 and under (any child age 21 or older must have their own individual membership).

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