My Benefits

My Advocate for Health

Summary of Services:

1. Free or Significantly Reduced Prescriptions
2. Prescription Change Assistance
3. My Wellness
4. Complete wellness panel $97 (valuated at $500 value)
5. Reduced Cost on Additional Blood Work
6. Preventive Care
7. My Benefits
8. Access to Services
9. Cost Negotiations
10. Reduced Cost on Durable Medical Equipment

Access to Services:

Your membership with My Advocate for Health entitles you to cost-cutting health benefits, significant savings on your prescription drugs and a free annual wellness panel*

My Advocate for Health can also help negotiate out-of-pocket costs on medical equipment and supplies and other preventive care procedures.

Extra discounted wellness benefits include:

CT scans, MRI’s, child and adult vaccines and immunizations. ( not guaranteed )

Cost Negotiation

As your personal patient advocate, our team will contact your doctor to negotiate and verify costs of a treatment or procedure before it is scheduled. We will make sure you are aware of and understand the total amount of expenses that will be incurred. We will even assist you in negotiating your medical bills after services are rendered. Simply provide an itemized bill to help us determine if you qualify for reduced costs