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We are so sure you will see incredible savings and results with MyAdvocate for Health, we offer a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee! Call 877-574-3421 to speak to a representative.

If you decide to cancel your membership within:
1. 10 days of the agreement, we will gladly refund
2. your membership payment if no benefits or
3. assistance was provided within the 10-day
4. period. A non-refundable one-time fee required
5. for the application will not be refunded

My Advocate for Health is a comprehensive package of programs, services and benefits to help subsidize cost-prohibitive measures you need in order to get well and stay well.
Membership Agreement
As a member of My Advocate for Health, you won’t have to choose. Your personal assistant will find options to make your prescribed medications and tests more affordable, and offer you Additional services to help you manage your own health and wellness.

1. We are not an insurance company.
2. We are not a reimbursement service.
3. We are not a billing service.
4. We help people find free medications and services and significant reduced costs from all of the resources available through our membership-based program.

Upon receipt of the Membership Agreement, if the MyAdvocate for Health provides any assistance during the first 10 days, no refund can be given. This agreement can be cancelled at any time for non-payment.