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Your Personal Advocate Helps Find the Lowest Cost Prescriptions

While processing your Prescription Cost assistance forms, My Advocate for Health can help you look for the lowest cost for your current medications. We understand you may need to start taking the medication provided by your doctor right away. Your advocate will research and find the best, reduced cost prescription card accepted by your local pharmacy.




Keep Your Prescriptions Organized

To help you organize your prescriptions, we include a Prescriptions Records sheet with your membership kit. It helps you list each member’s medications by doctor (Please make sure to identify each member separately). Use the NOTES section by each medication to list what you pay now and then see how much we can save you! 


Prescription COST Assistance

My Advocate for Health offers the most significant cost savings in finding you free or significantly reduced prescription drugs. If you are struggling to meet the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your medication(s), our team will search through multiple organizations and independent foundations on your behalf. 

You may qualify for FREE brand name medications or significantly reduced cost prescriptions, making your name brand medication more affordable. We can also help switch you from generic medications to the brand prescription preferred by your doctor. If not, we will get the lowest cost possible for your supply of generic drugs.

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Prescription Change Assistance

With MyRx we will also coordinate with your doctor to determine the most suitable prescription for you. If you are taking a generic or inadequate prescription due to insurance or cost restrictions, we may be able to help you afford your doctor’s preferred prescription for you. While we can’t guarantee free assistance, due to multiple programs and varied qualifications for each, your advocate will research all other options to help you get the most savings possible for your medications. Don’t worry, your advocate will fill out any necessary paperwork for you. Remember, they work for you.

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