My Wellness

Additional Services

My Advocate for Health will also put you in touch with a medical consultant for non-emergency health concerns and illnesses such as colds, ear infections, rashes and flu-like symptoms. If a condition can be diagnosed over the telephone, My Advocate for health will provide access to medical professionals to enable you to call in prescriptions, even antibiotics, to your local pharmacy faster and cheaper than making an appointment to see a doctor. Contact your advocate for more details.

Extra discounted wellness benefits include: CT scans, MRI’s, child and adult vaccines and immunizations.

My Advocate for Health can help find Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies for you at greatly reduced costs for items such as CPAP masks, tubing and filters, all types of prosthetic devices, oxygen tanks and monthly services, crutches, wheel chairs and more..

For Diabetic patients, this MyWellness benefit saves you money on your monthly supplies of meters, strips and needles. Prices may vary and change due to product or service availability, We will always negotiate for the best possible savings for My Advocate for Health members

1. Complete Wellness Panel $97 ( valuated at $500 )

Just 60 days after your effective date**, your membership to My Advocate for Health qualifies you for a $97 wellness panel, which consists of comprehensive blood counts for Bones, Minerals, Fluids, Cholesterol, Kidney, Liver, Glucose and Thyroid with TSH. These essential blood tests, valued at $500, help your doctor monitor you for diseases and illnesses that would otherwise go unnoticed until you start experiencing symptoms. With or without insurance, you may not be able to afford these vital tests on an annualized basis.

2. Reduced Costs on Blood

MyWellness benefit can save you as much as 80% on lab work from the start date! No 60 day wait** (order must be placed with your personal advocate before going to the lab). To better assist you, when placing your order for lab work, ask your advocate the cost of your lab work so you can be prepared and aware of what your out-of-pocket costs will be.

* You HAVE TO order through the above link or call 1(877) 574-3421 to receive the reduced pricing. Also, not available in all states.

3. Preventative Care

Proper diet, exercise and healthy living go a long way in preventing the onset of many illnesses. Through the MyWellness benefit, our team will assist members in negotiating the cost of certain tests, treatments and procedures that are needed for diagnosed conditions as well as preventive care. Your advocate will assist you in providing access to services needed even if you are uninsured or under-insured.

* Not available in all states and it is not our company.

* Must be age 18 or older to qualify for $97 Wellness Profile. Services (i.e., $97 Wellness Panel and discounted blood tests) are not available in Massachusetts, Maryland , North Dakota, South Dakota, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island

**The $97 WELLNESS Panel has a 60-day Waiting Period starting the first day of the following month. Must call to order your labs before going to a patient service center.

***60-day Waiting Period Example: If 08/03/2013 is the effective date for My Advocate For Health Plan. The 60-day $97 WELLNESS BENEFIT waiting period starts 09/01/2013. Eligibility for the $97 WELLNESS Panel can be scheduled by your advocate on 11/01/13 or any day after