Advocate: Speak, or plead in favor of a person. We will assign you an advocate that will assist you for all stated benefits.


Condition: A disease, illness or injury. The advocate will best assist in any way with
whatever needs your condition requires.

A person, especially a physician, trained
in the healing arts and licensed to practice. Must have licensed medical doctor for any prescription assistance.

Effective Date:
To come into force. The date your
assistance will begin and will qualify for your benefits.

The act, system, or business of
providing financial protection for property, life, health, etc., against specified contingencies, such as death, loss, or damage, and involving payment of regular premiums in return for a policy guaranteeing such protection.

however it can work
with your insurance where benifits are limited or excluded or no coverage at all.

A discussion set up or intended to
produce a settlement or agreement. We will speak on your behalf when required to do our best to lower costs of medical bills, treatments and procedures.

A sum of money paid. As long as your monthly payments are up to date, we will continue to assist.

Processing Fee:
A fee charged to process an application.  This is a one time ANNUAL fee to cover the cost of your applications.

An instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be issued with a medicine or treatment.  Must have a signature on all required prescriptions by a licensed practitioner.


What is an Advocate?
An advocate is a person who supports or recommends something; someone that speaks up for another person to plead for a benefit on behalf of another.  

My Advocate for Health is a personalized membership service to seek out free or reduced cost medications and services to help people better manager their health care and the costs associated with personal wellness.



Q. How do I know if I qualify for free or discounted prescriptions?

A. We search through hundreds of assistance programs and offers for your prescription brand or type to see which one(s) you qualify for and help you through the application process.

Q. What if my health insurance doesn’t allow for brand name prescriptions,

but my doctor insists I need brand name?
A. Our team will work with you and your doctor to find cost assistance through many organizations to help make brand names affordable to you.

Q. What if I need to start my prescription right away and I can’t wait for
the qualification process for assistance?
A. We understand you may need to start taking the medication provided by your doctor right away. Your advocate will research and find the best reduced cost prescription card accepted by your local pharmacy. While processing your Prescription Cost assistance forms, My Advocate for Health can help you look for the lowest cost for your current medications.



Q. How do I schedule my FREE Wellness Profile?
A. We schedule it for you! After 60 days into your membership with My Advocate for Health, your personal advocate will make the appointment for you and will send you an information packet that you must take with you to the service provider we send you to for this free profile. You can not schedule this on your own or at any facility of your choosing; you will not be reimbursed for lab work you pay for on your own.

Q. Do I have to go through my own doctor to order the Wellness Profile?
A. No, My Advocate for Health can order it any time after your first 60 days of membership, up to one time per 12-month period of membership.

Q. What if I need additional blood tests after my free Wellness Profile or
in addition to the specific tests included in the Wellness Profile?
A. Any repeats required after your annual Wellness Profile, or any additional blood work not covered by the Wellness Profile, can be ordered through My Advocate for Health at a deeply discounted rate. All tests must be scheduled by your advocate to ensure the discounted rate is applied, and you will be required to pay this directly to the service provider.



Q. Are there any restrictions or requirements to qualify for this plan?
A. Absolutely not. Whether you are insured or uninsured, MyAdvocate for Health is open to anyone over the age of 18 to begin saving money immediately on medications and health care services.

Q. Is this a Health Insurance Plan?
A. NO. MyAdvocate for Health is an advocacy program that can help you fill in the gaps of coverage from your insurance company. For example, help with free or discounted brand name prescriptions as prescribed by your doctor, or discounts on additional blood tests not covered by insurance.

Q. As a diabetic, can I also save money on supplies and equipment?
A. Yes, our program includes assistance with a variety of durable medical supplies, including but not limited to: diabetic supplies, oxygen services and prosthetic devices.



Q. How do I become a member of MyAdvocate for Health?
A. Simply call us or fill out the on-line application to get started with your health care savings right away, it doesn’t take long at all.

Q. Does MyPlan cover other family members?
A. Yes, there are individual and family plan options available. Anyone age 18 or older is considered an individual; children under 18 can be covered for an additional $10 per month with an individual membership.

Q. What if I don’t see the benefit of this membership and want my
money back?
A. We offer a full refund on the monthly membership fee within the first 10 days of application acceptance, if there were no services or assistance provided in that time frame. The one-time non-refundable enrollment fee is not eligible for refund.

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