Refund Policy



Speak, or plead in favor of a person. We will assign you an advocate that will assist you for all stated benefits.

Condition: A disease, illness or injury. The advocate will best assist in any way with
whatever needs your condition requires.

Doctor: A person, especially a physician, trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice. Must have licensed medical doctor for any prescription assistance.

Effective Date: To come into force. The date your assistance will begin and will qualify for your benefits.

Insurance: The act, system, or business of providing financial protection for property, life, health, etc., against specified contingencies, such as death, loss, or damage, and involving payment of regular premiums in return for a policy guaranteeing such protection.

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE however it can work with your insurance where benifits are limited or excluded or no coverage at all.

Negotiation: A discussion set up or intended to produce a settlement or agreement. We will speak on your behalf when required to do our best to lower costs of medical bills, treatments and procedures.


No Risk Offer

10-day Money Back Guarantee
If you cancel for any reason within 10 days, you will receive a full refund as long as benefits were not used. Non-refundable
one-time fees will be disclosed at the time of application.


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