Americans spend more than $325 billion annually out of pocket on prescription drugs.  Get more of your brand name prescriptions for FREE or for less.albuterolCRESTOR graphic replacement
Example of Savings — actual savings varies by prescription and qualifications
*Income qualifications may apply
“I could not believe how fast I received my discount on medication. Lisa was great. She did all the work for me and I just sat back and waited as my lower-priced medications were sent in the mail. I saved so much money!!! Thank you My Advocate for Health!!!” —Terry (Port St.Lucie, FL)

 “I was so excited when my medications arrived in my mail. At first I was so skeptical about getting my medications for free. I couldn’t believe it was even possible. Now I can afford to do other things with my limited resources and enjoy my life”—Cruz (Margate, FL) 

“We want to thank you for all the help you gave us with our prescriptions. There are no words to describe our appreciation. Without your help, we could not afford our medications at all. We were looking at our medication costing us more than we make each month. How do people make that choice? We couldn’t Our choice would have been to not buy our insulin, which would have caused us some very serious problems very quickly. You saved us that choice. Thank You so very much. You literally saved our lives. May God bless you with all you need in life.” — Jeff & Becky (Newark, NJ)

“I want to thank you for the help you have been with the costs of our prescriptions. if it weren’t for your help, there is absolutely no way we could afford them. In a six-month period, I am saving $2887. My husband and I are currently taking nine prescriptions between the two of us. If we were paying full price the total would be $3157 per six months but because of you and your company, we are only paying $270 per six months. This is a fantastic program!” —Patrick (Los Angeles, CA)

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